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About us

We are breeding the exotic animals as hobby more than 28 years

Regarding to the poor availability of many species and sometimes very high prices for these animals, we decided to keep, breed and sell the animals as professionals  and to offer to other breeders the possibility to keep and breed these species too.

From this reason, in summer 2005 was first import of exotic animals from Tanzania made.
This import started the history of our company ANIMALFARM CZ.

Since 2005, there were many imports realised, some from the countries and with species which were imported first time to Czech Republic even EU.
Many species from these imports you can find in collections of the biggest one ZOOs in Czech Republic.

Till now, were offered to our customers animals from countries as Argentina, Barbadose,  Benin, Brasil, China, DRC, Egypt, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Mali, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Surinam, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, USA, Zambia and other.

Many of these imports or animals were first time to Czech Republic imported, by some it was most probably first import to EU.

In this time we are closely cooperating with many European breeders from countries as Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Germany and other.Captive bred animals from those you can see periodic in our offers.

In our breeding facilities are also many species of animals bred, especially small mammals, chameleons, some geckos and frogs.
In last years we also achieved some succeses in breed, with some species first time in Czech Republic even EU bred.

In August 2014 started the 10th year of our "professional" career and we hope, that we were able to contribute with our imports and captive bred animals to expansion of numbers of animals kept, to expansion of public knowledges about keeping and breeding of exotic animals and last but not least to increase the number of breeders not only in Czech Republic but in whole EU.

We hope, that you will continue with your favor to us and you will enjoy with us the keeping and breeding of the wide variety of this fascinating creatures.
As till now, we are there for you in case of interest to buy some animals from us, as well as in case of any questions regarding to the keeping or breeding of any animals from our offer.

As before, we will be very glad to hear from you your offers of your breeds, especially of chameleons, geckos, frogs and other.

All the best in your breeds as well as in your live wish you your team of